Caleta Olivia 2023

Ruge el bosque: Ecopoetry of the Southern Cone brings together ecopoetic expressions from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and their borderlands. Written in whole or in part in Indigenous languages such as Guaraní and Chana, as well as in Portuñol and Spanish, the texts gathered in this volume constitute an urgent collective reflection on the disappearance of the natural, linguistic, and cultural diversity of the Southern Cone region within the context of the global climate crisis.



Edited by Valeria Meiller, Whitney DeVos and Javiera Pérez Salerno
In progress

Ruge el bosque: Ecopoetry of Mesoamerica brings together ecopoetic expressions written from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama. Currently in progress, the second volume of our ecopoetic map of Abya Yala/Afro-/Latin America includes poetry written in Indigenous and creole languages, as well as the colonial languages of English and Spanish, mapping the multilinguistic poetics and politics of Mesoamerica.